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Under legislation, we’re required to maintain and publish a number of different registers.

Register of fees & charges

Our register of fees and charges outlines the fees we charge for various services such as:
•    use of Council-owned facilities
•    processing of development applications
•    permit applications.

The register specifies whether a fee is charged on a commercial basis or a cost-recovery basis. The register is reviewed each financial year at our budget meeting.

Resolutions register

The resolutions register records every resolution (action or decision) ever proposed in an ordinary or special meeting we’ve held and whether the resolution was passed (approved) by the sitting Council.

Councillor Register of Interest & Councillor Conflict of Interest

To ensure transparency, impartiality and accountability in our decision-making, Councillors are required to disclose their interests in businesses, corporations and organisations.

The Councillor Register of Interest records this information.

Council also keeps a record of when Councillors declare a conflict of interest on a particular matter being considered in a Council meeting.

When a Councillor declares a conflict of interest or a material personal interest in a matter, the declaration is recorded in the minutes of that Council meeting.

Councillor Conduct Register

The Councillor Conduct Register records the outcome of Councillor conduct matters, including unsuitable meeting conduct, suspected inappropriate conduct and alleged misconduct.

Large Contracts

Council maintains a public record of contractual arrangements it enters into that are worth $200,000 or more (exclusive of GST).

Road Registers

Council maintains a road register.

Other registers

Council also maintains various internal registers, such as a:

  • gifts register
  • asset register
  • risk rating register.