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An autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council

Disaster Management

The Torres Strait Local Disaster Management Group works to reduce the negative impact disasters can have on communities and responds to disasters when they happen.

Community Disaster Management Groups work together to reduce the effects of a disaster. When a disaster or major emergency happens, they then respond quickly to and ensure communities can recover.

Weather & tides

The Bureau of Meteorology has a Torres Strait weather and tides page on their website.

Bureau of Meteorology: Torres Strait Weather

The Torres Strait Regional Authority has published a dashboard covering the Torres Strait, providing weather updates and warnings. 

TSRA Dashboard

2023 - 2024 King Tides







Local Disaster Management Plan

The Local Disaster Management Plan sets out the legislated arrangements required under the Queensland Disaster Management Act 2003.

The plan outlines the disaster management system and specifies agreed roles and responsibilities. It also describes how the disaster management system works during an event.

Disaster Management - Plan