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Community Grant Program












Torres Strait Island Regional Council's range of grants offer support to individuals and local community entities by providing funding assistance to promote social, cultural, sporting and recreational development.

By providing this assistance, Council aims to improve:

  • Individuals’ professional development.
  • Community entities capacity to provide services.
  • Increasing social services and activities for the community.

Council has a Community Grants Policy (PDF) which guides decision making for grant and donation funding. Grant applications are assessed against selection criteria in a fair and equitable manner, with the assessment process being competitive.

There are two types of Grant Funding available:

  • Community Grants - Applications for Community Grants may be made at any time throughout the year and will be assessed at Council’s Monthly Ordinary Meetings. 
  • Funeral Donations - Applications for Funeral Support Grants, and Travel Assistance Grants may be made at any time.


Grants at a glance:








Application Due Date: Max. Amount (Individual): Max. Amount (Community Entity):
 5PM - Last Friday of each month  $2,500 $10,000










Funeral Support:

Support for families with funeral costs, when suffering the loss of a loved one, from within our communities.

Application Due Date: Max. Amount (Individual):
Applications can be submitted at any time throughout the year  $5,000*





Travel Assistance:

Support for community members with travel costs to attend a funeral, if that funeral is taking place in a community other than their own, and is for an individual that had an enduring connection to communities within Council’s local government area, and the Torres Strait Region.

Application Due Date: Max. Amount (per funeral per community):
Applications can be submitted at anytime throughout the year  $5,000*





*Please note that payments can only be made to an invoice or purchase order (even if grant amount only partially covers the total invoice), ie. supermarket, funeral home, airlines, etc.


How to Apply:

Please submit all applications to For grant enquiries, please call the Corporate Affairs team on 07 4034 5714.

Application Forms:

Senior divisional staff members or the Divisional Manager at your council office can help with your application.



Acquittal of Funds:

All community and grant recipients are required to submit an acquittal form for funds received from Council within 2 weeks of expenditure.

Funeral grants are exempt from the acquittal process as payments are made directly to an invoice.