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An autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council

Seaports, Airports and Roads


We have an extensive road network that services our 15 communities.

We're responsible for maintenance, repair, reconstruction and rehabilitation of:

  • 43.5 kilometres of bitumen roads
  • 13.5 kilometres of concrete roads
  • 12.3 kilometres of paver roads
  • 20.6 kilometres of unsealed roads
  • 2 bridges
  • kerbs, culverts and storm water drains.

Our goal is to ensure the road networks are maintained to standards suitable for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Hammond Island Road


We own and operate 11 airports, which is one of the highest number of airports run by an Australian local government, and includes the shortest runway for commercial aircraft operations.

These airports play an important role in regional connectivity and serve:

  • the Border Force
  • Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
  • Federal and State Police and Emergency Services
  • our communities.

We undertake regular repair and maintenance activities to minimise safety hazards and provide facilities to all users.

Fees and charges apply to aircraft using the airstrips. For more information, see our Register of Fees & Charges.

Masig Airport


Seaports continue to be a large and important component of transporting material to the islands spread over 40,000 square kilometres.

We maintain 15 barge ramps and 13 finger jetties essential for those communities that retain a close relationship to the sea.

We are committed to maintaining these facilities by undertaking general maintenance and improvements that best meets the safety and expectations of all users and the community as a whole.

Hammond Island Finger Jetty

A local law permit is required to use Council’s jetties, wharves and barge ramps for commercial purposes.

Maritime fees apply to commercial use of Council-controlled jetties, boat ramps, moorings and landing.

For more information, see our Register of Fees & Charges on the Registers webpage.

Maritime fees self-reporting forms (cargo and non-cargo) are available on the Local Law Permits webpage.