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Tenders & Opportunities


Procurement Process Conditions:

The Procurement Process Conditions are the terms and conditions that are included as part of a Request for Tender or Request for Quotation, which set out the procedural rules that will govern a tender or procurement process, including the requirements for a compliant Tender and the evaluation criteria and process for evaluating, selecting and/or rejecting tenders received.

Standard Terms and Conditions:

The Standard Terms and Conditions govern the purchase of goods and/or services by Torres Strait Island Regional Council. Council may incorporate these Standard Terms and Conditions for Goods and/or Services into a contract with a Supplier. However, the Standard Terms and Conditions for Goods and/or Services will not apply to any engagement for which Council has provided a written contract incorporating alternative terms and conditions to the Supplier.

Current Terms and Conditions

Superseded Terms and Conditions

Procurement Policy:

Torres Strait Island Regional Council is required to conduct our procurement activities in accordance with the Local Government Act 2009 and the Local Government Regulation 2012, as well as Council's Procurement & Ethical Sourcing Policy and Code of Conduct.

Important information for Contractors and external work groups

Commercial and Construction Waste Restrictions


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