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An autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council


TSIRC are Queensland's second largest provider of social housing.

We manage housing for all of our 15 communities, except Kubin which is managed by Queensland’s Department of Housing and Public Works. Our Housing Services portfolio also includes the Building Services Unit.

If you have questions about housing or need help on:

Download the required forms or contact you local Housing Officer.

How we allocate housing

We allocate housing based on need on a "first-come, first-served" basis. We will match applicants to housing that closely meets their needs and entitlements  (household make-up and changes needed for people with a disability).

Our housing responsibilities

Our housing responsibilities include:

  • allocating vacant housing to applicants on the Register of Need
  • managing tenancies
  • collecting rent (which is re-invested into housing services)
  • working with other government agencies to secure funding for housing upgrades and new housing in the region.

Our Housing team helps eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people apply for housing in our communities, as well as assisting current tenants to manage their tenancies.

Building and Asset Services (BAS) - part of Queensland’s Department of Housing and Public Works - manages any repairs and maintenance.

For more information regarding your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, go to the Residential Tenancies Authority website

We welcome your feedback on any housing-related issues, and strive to always improve on ensuring our housing services meet each community's needs.