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An autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council

Asset Maintenance

TSIRC has an assets base of over $1 billion, including:

  • infrastructure
  • community housing
  • corporate buildings
  • recreation facilities
  • fleet.

We have a well-developed asset management plan to ensure we get the best life out of our assets and that they are maintained inline with our budget.

Identifying maintenance issues

Maintenance issues can be identified by:

  • divisional managers
  • council staff
  • Asset team condition inspections
  • building contractors
  • community members using the Blue Phone.

Early identification is very important to managing our assets. Identifying faults early reduces the work needed to fix an asset, which will help reduce maintenance costs.

Questions & answers

How do I report a maintenance issue with my house?

If it's a house you rent, you should go see your Housing Officer and use the Blue Phone to report it.

What happens to my request for maintenance after I use the Blue Phone?

Your request goes to the Building Asset Services team, who confirm your details and generate a work order to a tradesperson to visit your house and repair the fault.

What do I do if I see a maintenance issue, example: fence falling down, broken windows, or door falling off a Council building?

You should report this to your divisional manager immediately. They will put in a work request with the Council Building team to have a tradesperson fix the issue(s).

Capital works projects process

Capital works projects are for new facilities and buildings that last longer than 12 months, and cost over $5,000.  

Council has limited funds for capital projects, so they are prioritised by community benefit and available funding.

Capital project needs are reviewed each year to see if they still align to community need and benefit.