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Accessing information

Documents held by us may be accessed through a variety of ways.

The most appropriate method of seeking access to information depends on the type of information you need access to.

The information you need may already be available online, to buy or request.

Publication scheme

Publication scheme

Our publication scheme describes and categorises information routinely available to people.

It’s been developed to give you greater access to information held by us.

Disclosure log

Disclosure logs

Our disclosure log provides details of documents released in response to the Right to Information applications, where they don’t contain the applicant’s personal information.

It contains a description of the information released and links to relevant documents (where possible).

Administrative access

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Contact us and ask for the ‘Records Officer’ or ‘Chief Information Officer’ (contact details below), who will advise whether this information can be released.

Employee records

Current employees are entitled to access their own employee records.

Contact the Chief Information Officer (contact details below) for details on how to apply for administrative access to employee records.

Alternatively, you may need to lodge an application under the RTI Act.


For all general enquiries regarding Right to Information, contact:

Chief Information Officer
Torres Strait Island Regional Council
PO Box 7336
Cairns Qld 4870

Phone: 07 4034 5700
Fax: 07 4034 5750

Information Privacy Statement: When you contact us, we collect your personal information for the purpose of processing your enquiry, application or request for information.

This collection of personal information is authorised by law under the Right to Information Act 2009 and the Information Privacy Act 2009.

Your personal information is protected by law and can only be released to someone else where authorised by law or where you give your permission. Please read our Privacy Statement for more information.

Our Privacy Policy is available on the Policies & guidelines page.


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