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General Overview of the Zenadth Kes Planning Scheme

Council's draft planning scheme is the Zenadth Kes Planning Scheme.

The Planning Scheme assists us and the community by guiding where development takes place, such as houses, buildings and infrastructure.

There are different zones within the scheme and these include:

  • Township Zone
  • Environmental and Conservation Zone.

These zones were informed by a number of elements including:

  • community members’ desires and needs
  • location of current infrastructure
  • environmental conditions.

Township Zone

The Township Zone identifies the best location for houses, shops, schools and infrastructure including a Township Expansion Precinct for future expansion of the town area.

The Township Expansion Precinct shows where future development can occur when there’s no space left in the Township area.

Conservation & Environmental Management Zone

The Conservation and Environmental Management Zone shows the areas to be protected from development.

This is because those areas have been identified due to their biological diversity, ecological importance and importance to Ailan Kastom and traditional practices.

Whether a development application is required will depend on where the development is located.

For example, the township area may include:

  • Environmental Management and Conservation Zone
  • coastal management district
  • bushfire hazard area.

The type of development may be categorised as a:

  • motel
  • resort
  • house
  • units
  • mechanic workshop
  • supermarket
  • and more.

Planning scheme assessment

Development applications are assessed, sometimes requiring further information on:

  • what the development will look like once complete
  • what materials are to be used
  • any impacts to the surrounding environment.

If a person or corporation wants to build in the Conservation and Environmental Management Zone, they must apply for development approval.

This is because development may mean that the land will be used for a different purpose to that in the Planning Scheme (material change of use).

Approval may be provided if the development needs:

  • to be separated from where people live
  • to be near a particular place or resource to function (eg. water)
  • a large area and cannot fit with the township area
  • to support installation of infrastructure (eg. sewage treatment plant, water supply infrastructure or a renewable energy facility)
  • to support Ailan Kastom or traditional practices.

Development conditions

Conditions may be attached to developments in both the Township Zone and Environmental and Conservation Zone.

These may include:

  • where building can occur
  • the materials proposed
  • any other works required in addition to the development.

To view the Zenadth Kes Planning Scheme please contact us at