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An autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council

Stormwater Services

Our stormwater assets include:

  • engineered pipes, culverts, channels and retarding basins
  • natural creeks and waterways
  • constructed vegetated stormwater systems, such as swales.

We are focused on minimising local flooding risks by discharging stormwater as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We aim to provide flood control by carrying away large volumes of water and mitigating local flooding as well as controlling the impacts of erosion.

Future challenges

Challenges to improving stormwater infrastructure in our communities include:

  • maintaining and improving stormwater asset quality
  • changes in stormwater volumes, frequency, flow rate and duration
  • addressing climate change risks.

Addressing climate change risks

In the outer islands of the Torres Straits, climate change science indicates that there will be more extreme rainfall events, resulting in more frequent and more severe instances of overland flooding, particularly due to the heavier rainfall.

Managing these risks involves identifying future rainfall patterns, locating areas that are vulnerable to flooding and changing the design specifications of stormwater systems to accommodate the changed rainfall pattern.