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Vet community visits in November!

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Thursday, September 15, 2016
Working for CouncilVet and EHW look at dog

TSIRC's Environmental Health Workers conduct awareness and education programs to inform community members how they can improve community health and safety, through responsible pet ownership.

We are coordinating a vet to visit our communities in November to de-sex cats and dogs, free of charge. This is a great opportunity to assist you, as responsible animal owners to help you comply with the local laws.

Please contact your local Environmental Health Worker (EHW) to complete a consent form and arrange treatments, which includes de-sexing, euthanising and vaccinations. EHW’s can also provide information on vet visits and further info on the new Animal Management Local Laws.

Queensland Health is funding our vet visit program.


TSIRC Vet Visit | November Schedule 2016

Monday 14/11- Badu

Tuesday 15/11 - Badu

Wednesday 16/11 - Kubin

Thursday 17/11 - St Pauls

Friday 18/11 - Mabuiag

Saturday 19/11 - Hammond


2 Teams across multiple communities each day for week of 21/11 - 26/11

Monday 21/11 - Saibai, Boigu and Dauan 

Tuesday 22/11- Warraber and Poruma

Wednesday 23/11 - Masig and Mer

Thursday 24/11 - Erub and Ugar

Friday 25/11 - Mabuiag and Badu

Saturday 26/11 - Iama