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Tyro (Eftpos) Payment Error

Posted on: 
Friday, January 22, 2021

EFTPOS machines in some Council offices are currently experiencing a connectivity outage. The affected machines are supplied by Tyro who have advised that the disruption is due to a major software problem affecting over 9,000 customers Australia wide. Council’s priority during this outage is to ensure our community members can continue their usual counter transactions.

Alternate payment methods for Council goods and services are currently in place until further notice for St Pauls, Erub, and Mabuiag communities.



For the purchase Powercards please redirect those in affected communities to the local IBIS supermarket. 



Payments for fuel and gas, rent, accommodation, facilities hire (community halls and vehicles) are to be made via direct debit to the following account: BSB: 084951 Acct: 752434776 

The following descriptions are to be used for each type of payment: 

·         Fuel and gas: division name litres ULP or DSL (e.g. Yam MTSIRC 50lts ULP) 

·         Rent: division name 11233.01 (e.g. Yam MTSIRC 11233 01) 

·         Accommodation: division name Accomm (E.g. Yam MTSIRC Accomm) 

·         Facilities hire (community halls/vehicles): division name VHire or CHHire (e.g. Badu MTSIRC VHire or Badu MTSIRC CHHire) 

In addition, a screenshot or bank account record of direct debit payments (fuel and gas, rent, accommodation hire, facility hire) must be sent by the customer to their local MSAO and to: 


Community members have been advised to contact their Divisional Manager or call the debtors team on (07) 4034 4776 if they have any questions about how to make payments.