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International Women's Day 2020

Posted on: 
Friday, March 6, 2020

Equality is not a women's issue, it's a business issue. Gender equality is an essential ingredient for economies and communities to thrive. 

At the Torres Strait Island Regional Council (TSIRC) we proudly celebrate International Women's Day each year throughout our 17 offices and check-in on our own gender balance scorecard - At Council we have:

  • Over 40% of our total roles are fulfilled by women.
  • Over 40% of our leadership roles are also fulfilled by women.

As a team we will grow these numbers, and work together to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women's achievements throughout our organisation and our region.



This International Women's Day we asked 11 of our leaders: "What advice you would offer aspiring female leaders...?"


"We are all leaders BUT in different ways, find your passion, work it good and see the change, and difference you will make. Anything is possible in life."

Amanda, Operations Engineering Supervisor (Divisions 1-8)



"The best advice I can give a future leader is to strive to maintain a positive attitude in all aspects of life. Never be afraid to accept new challenges as this can lead to a great reward and perseverance. Hard work and being committed to your job will reward you in the end."

Karla, Team Leader - Creditors



"My advice for young women is to encourage and support other young women to pursue and take up positions of leadership in their careers. Another advice is opportunity comes once don’t be afraid to take it, if you don’t have a clue how to do the task you will learn from it."

Charmaine, Childcare Director



"Everything is possible. Believe in yourself, stand strong and be confident in what you do."

Christina, Team Leader - Debtors



"Everyone has a personal value in life. If a life does not have a value, then we have no life. Shame is discouraging, overcome shame and you will be amazed with the potential you truly have."

Georgina, Senior Housing Officer - Eastern Cluster



"Be bold enough to ask for the opportunity, put yourself forward and say, 'I’m ready to give it a go'. Never be too proud or too shy to ask for assistance, there are people out there who will support you and want to see you succeed."

Hollie, Chief Financial Officer



"My advice for future female leaders/young women is not to be afraid to speak up and have a voice. As women we do have something to say and we should not be afraid to voice it. Also never to be afraid to ask questions, the more knowledge that we can personally gain, the more our confidence builds within ourselves to pursue our goals and aspirations. Finally to build a support network, this support can be invaluable to build our confidence and encourages guidance on whatever path is chosen."

Lesley, Acting Financial Accountant



"Find the people in your life that support, empower and inspire you. Surround yourself with others that you aspire to be like. Find a role model or mentor that you can talk to. Be open, listen, and seek the opportunities around you by learning all that you can. Remember not all leadership styles or leaders are the same and we are all leaders in one way or another."

Nikki, Acting Financial Controller



"Sometimes we will feel that we can’t do it because of our gender but don’t feel restricted, keep going, aim high. If you get your mind into it, you can achieve anything. I know this from experience; Its best to have a go at it, than never do it at all."

Polly, Senior Housing Officer - Central Cluster



"Have a heart to serve your people, be passionate and love what you do; this will be the fuel for you to be consistent in whichever profession you choose. Lead by example and don’t take yourself too seriously."

Ranetta, Regional Manager



"Believe that anything is possible with hard work and determination. Starting a new job, stepping up to support your community or trying something new can be daunting. However the reward is much greater to those who expand their boundaries."

Stephanie, Acting Divisional Manager


To learn more about this year's theme #EachforEqual visit the International Women's Day website here.