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An autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council


Mabuiag (formerly known as Jervis Island or traditionally known as Gumu), is an island in the Bellevue Islands, 100km north of Thursday Island. It lies in the Napoleon Passage and Arnolds Passage of Torres Strait.

The people of Mabuiag Island are one of the Melanesian Torres Strait Islander populations.  Mabuiag is partly covered with mounds of basaltic rocks, lightly vegetated and mostly well-watered.

Like the larger Moa and Badu Islands to the south, Mabuiag is part of the old, submerged land bridge that ran from Cape York to Papua New Guinea.

Mabuiag Island consists of two moieties:

  • the Gumuligal of Wagedagam on the northwest side
  • the Mabuygilgal people of the Paipaidagam on the south-east side.

Language group

The language of the island is the Gœmulgau (Mabuylgau) Ya sub-dialect of Kala Lagaw Ya.


250 residents


Infrastructure on Mabuiag Island consists of:

  • Airport
  • Regional council office
  • State School (Years Pre-prep to year 6)
  • Health Centre with permanent nurse
  • Two grocery stores
  • Cultural resource centre
  • Sporting Facilities - outdoor rugby league oval, undercover basketball court
  • Community police services
  • Council workshop / compound
  • Water plant reservoirs / filtration collection wells
  • Power station
  • Sewerage treatment plant
  • Barge ramp
  • Pier (small craft and passengers only)

TSIRC operational hours

Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm


Saintie Whap - Divisional Manager


Phone: 07 4083 2500


Solema Luffman - Multi-skilled Administration Officer



Visitor approval


Council accommodation

8 Rooms: 7 x double, 1 x single.


Double / shared: $167 per night.

Single: $142 per night.


Larissa Bani / Solema Luffman

Phone: 07 4083 2500



Operating hours:

Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 5:30pm

Saturday, 9am – 12noon


Contact: Margaret Larry

Phone: 07 4214 7102

Community social groups

KOD, Elders group

Contact: Cygnet Repu


Goemu Bau Raiders

Contact: Ted Daniel Whap

Phone: 07 4090 0949


Contact: Johnny Kris



Anglican Church


Holly Banasa

Frank Whap

Thowa Whap


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon)

Contact: Keith Fell

Phone: 0458 696 682

Apostolic Church

Contact: Willie Babia

Phone: 07 4090 0949

*Full Gospel

Contact: John Allan Repu

Phone: 07 4069 4768

Gazetted holidays

Gazetted holidays for Mabuiag Island community include:

  • 2 February - Church Day
  • 30 June - Tribal Chief Initiation Day
  • 6 July - NT determination
  • 1 August - Anglican Church Dedication Day
  • 2 September - Coming of the Light.

Public Access Facilities

Community Hall and IKC

Contacts: Solema Luffman / Larissa Bani

Phone: 07 4083 2500