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An autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council


Dauan is a small island west of Saibai and close to the Papua New Guinea border.

Mount Cornwallis is the highest peak in the Strait, rising to nearly 300 metres. This is also the State’s most northerly granite peak and is actually part of the Great Dividing Range.

The soil is relatively fertile and supports local family gardens. It is noted for its cool, freshwater permanent springs and the surrounding waters yield abundant fish.

Dauan is serviced by:

  • boat
  • barge
  • helicopter.

The closest airport is on Saibai, 6km to the northeast.

The community is built along the narrow coastal lowland, backed by steep granite peaks. Like other islands of the Torres Straits, municipal services are provided by the TSIRC.

Dauan’s history

In 1871 two brothers, Garmai and Jawai (Dheobau Clansmen), accompanied missionaries from the London Missionary Society to Saibai and influenced the islanders to accept the missionaries.

Most males worked on pearling luggers during the pearling era and enlisted with the Torres Strait Light Infantry when WWII broke out. Dauan celebrated its successful Native Title Land Claim to the island in July 2000.

According to Torres Strait stories, it was formed from the head of the giant man-eating snake Norinori, when he was dropped into the sea by two eagles.

Language group

The traditional language spoken on Dauan is KKY (Kalaw Kawaw Ya).


250 residents


  • Helipad
  • Regional council office
  • State Primary School (years prep to 7)
  • Health centre with permanent nurse
  • Two grocery stores
  • Sporting Facilities - Outdoor Sport Field, basketball court.
  • Guesthouse (six rooms)
  • Council workshop / compound
  • Water plant reservoirs / filtration collection wells
  • Power station
  • Barge ramp
  • Pier (small craft and passengers only)


TSIRC operational hours

Monday to Friday: 9:00am - 12:00pm, 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Contact: Mr Mario Soki


Phone: 07 4083 2200

Visitor approval


Accommodation is available for council and non-council members.

Accommodation keys are to be collected and dropped off at the Council Office prior to departure from Dauan Community.

All approved visiting guests are required to sign the Council’s visitor book to document the visit for record purposes.

Bookings can be made by contacting Dauan Office.

Council Accommodation – Dauan Guest House

five x single rooms

Shared kitchen and amenities

Single rate: $101

Single half day rate: $52

Single (local Indigenous) non-commercial rate: $75.75



Operating hours:

Monday to Friday, 9am - 1.30pm; 2.30pm - 5pm

Saturday, 9am – 12noon

Contact Manager: Audrey Harry

Phone: 07 4214 7012

Community social groups

  • PBC Group


Church of Holy Cross

Fr Stanley Marama


United Pentecostal Church

Pst John Mooka


Independent Church of Kaiwalagal and Torres Strait

Fr Joel Gaidan

Gazetted holidays

Gazetted holidays for Dauan Island Community include:

5 May - Ascension Day (Church Day of Parish of Ascension)

6 July - Coming of the Light and Native Title Determination Day

14 September - Church of Holy Cross Church Day

Public access facilities

  • Community Health Centre
  • Community hall
  • RTC / IKC centre
  • Basketball stadium
  • Football oval
  • Wharf / ramp
  • Helipad.