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An autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council


Aka as (Mulgrave Island) is an island 60km north of Thursday Island in the Torres Strait.

Badu Island once had a feared reputation as an island of headhunters. Warfare, turtle and dugong hunting were the main occupations of Badu men until the 1870s with turtle and dugong hunting continuing after this.

Pearlers established bases on the island during the 1870s and by the 1880s, the islanders depended on wages earned as lugger crew. At the same time, the first missionaries arrived.

At the peak of the shell industry in the late 1950s, the Badu fleet of 13 boats employed a workforce of 200 men. This also provided work for men from other islands. However, once the shell trade declined, many people moved to the mainland for work.

Language group

Kala Lagaw Ya - Western Cluster Group


Approx. 1000 residents


  • Airport
  • TSIRC office
  • Tagai State School (Years Pre prep to 7)
  • Health centre with permanent doctor
  • Two grocery stores
  • Badu Arts Centre
  • Sporting Facilities - indoor and outdoor multipurpose courts, Sport Stadium
  • Badu Island Foundation - Motel with 6 rooms
  • Qld Police Services
  • Barge ramp
  • Power station
  • Pier (small craft and passengers only)
  • SES shed
  • Water plant reservoirs / filtration collection wells
  • Aragun Child Care Centre


TSIRC operational hours

Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 5pm

Contact: Alenka Morseu


Phone: 07 4083 2100 / 07 4083 2101

Visitor approval

Visitors Application Form

  • Refer to Legal Team
  • Visitor Approval Process
  • Refer to contact listing – Elected Councillor/ Divisional Managers/ PBC Chairs


Council Accommodation

7 Dongas available, shared bathroom and kitchen.

Badu Island Foundation Motel

Contact: Reception

Phone: 07 4083 2100

Wakaid Coral Sea

Contact: 0412730470



Island and Cape / Badu Island Store

Operating hours: Monday to Friday, 8am - 7pm

Saturday – Sunday, 8am - 2pm


Contact: Damien Fitzpatrick and Kirsty Slattery

Address: Mairu Street, Badu Island, Qld, 4875


Phone: 07 4069 4847

Community social groups

Aibai Dance Group

Contact: Barry Nona

Phone: 07 4069 4706


Sundown Dance Group

Contact: Manuel Nomoa

Phone: 07 4203 0988 ext: 502 / Mobile: 0408 596 562


Church of Torres Strait

Fr Ray Walit

Independent Church of Torres Strait

Fr John Eselie

Power of the Spirit

Ps James Ahmat

Australian Christian Church

Ps Walter Ahmat

Gazetted holidays

The gazetted holidays for Badu Island are :

1st February 2017 - Deed of Grant in Trust Hand Over Day
27th April 2017 - St Marks Church Day
30th October 2017 - Coming of the Light to Badu
11th December 2017 - Native Title Determination Day

Public access facilities

RTC, post office, service station, café

Badu Island Foundation

Phone: 07 4203 0988

IKC, childcare centre


Phone: 07 4083 2100