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Empowering our people · In our decision · In our culture · For our future

Our vision

Empowering our people, in our decision, in our culture, for our future


Ngalpun yangu kaaba woeydhay, a ngalpun muruygaw danalagan mabaygal kunakan palayk, bathayngaka


Buaigiz kelar obaiswerare, merbi mir apuge mena obakedi, muige merbi areribi tonarge, ko merbi keub kerkerem


Ngalpan moebaygal thoepoeriwoeyamoeyn, ngalpan ya kuduthoeraynu, ngalpan igililmaypa, sepa setha wara goeygil sey boey wagel


Our vision is expressed in the languages of our region, recognising the importance and diversity of our culture and traditional languages.

Our vision signifies that the heart of our region is our people, with culture being an important part of our lives, both now and into the future.

The traditional people of the Torres Strait are of Melanesian origin and speak two distinct traditional languages. In the Eastern Islands the traditional language is Meriam Mir, whilst the Western and Central Island groups speak either Kala Lagau Ya or Kala Kawau Ya, which are dialects of the same language. Torres Strait Creole and English are also spoken.

Empowering our people to contribute to and make decisions regarding their future, ensures that our culture remains strong and that the future is guided by the people who live in the region, understanding and promoting its unique characteristics.

This vision was created by the Elected Leaders of the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area (NPA) and is captured in the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Regional Plan 2009 to 2029 (PDF).