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Environmental Health

We employ a team of 21 staff to deliver Environmental Health and Animal Management services across our communities.

Services include:

  • Animal management
    • manage animal numbers, and animal health 
    • raise community awareness of animal health and wellbeing
    • reduce potential feral animal activity through monitoring and managing of populations
    • engage and deliver veterinary services to all communities.


  • Food safety and awareness
    • inspect and monitor food handling, transport and point of sale on commercial operations
    • provide food safety awareness throughout the community.


  • Health promotion
    • provide advice and increase awareness of environmental health issues through education and awareness of hygiene, pest management and waste management.


  • Compliance 
    • assess and monitor local law compliance
    • conduct enforcement action when required
    • monitor waste management
    • monitor drinking water
    • enforce biosecurity legislation.


  • Pest management
    • provide advice and treatments for the control and eradication of pests, including mosquitos, fleas, ticks and feral animals
    • implement the Regional Biosecurity Strategy
    • Implement the Mosquito Management Plan.
We deliver Environmental Health and Animal Management services under the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Public Health Program with funding assistance from the Queensland Government.