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An autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council

Our Corporate Structure


Chief Executive Officer

Position currently vacant

Functions within the Office of the CEO:



Executive Office

Mayoral & Executive Support, Legal and Secretariat Services.



People & Wellbeing

Employee Relations, Recruitment, Learning & Development, and Work Health & Safety.



Strategic Projects & Logistics

Freight, Fuel and Fleet Management Services.


















The Chief Financial Officer, Chief Engineer, and Chief Operating Officer (as shown below) also report directly to the Chief Executive Officer.











Hollie Faithfull CA

Chief Financial Officer

Functions within the Office of the CFO:



Business Services

Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, and Information Technology Services.



Corporate Affairs

Governance & Risk, Enterprise Development & Delivery, and Communications & Engagement.























David Baldwin

Chief Engineer

Functions within the Office of the CE:



Engineering Operations:

Water & Wastewater, Waste Management, Parks & Gardens, Aerodromes & Marine Infrastructure, Environmental Planning, and Disaster Management.

Civil Works:

Project Management of Major Infrastructure & Civil Programs, and Coastal Defence & Adaptation Works.





















Ilario Sabatino

Chief Operating Officer

Functions within the Offfice of the COO:



Building Services

Project Management & New Builds, Upgrades, and Repairs & Maintenance (accross Council Buildings & Social Housing Portfolio).



Community Services

Local Divisional Offices & Administration (incl. Australia Post, Centrelink & Powercard Services), Council Accommodation & Community Halls, Aged Care and Childcare, Healthy Lifestyle & Wellbeing, Indigenous Knowledge Centres (IKCs), Environmental Health, and Housing & Tennancy Services.