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An autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council

Cr. Lama Trinkoon, Division 6 - Arkai (Kubin) Community











Cr. Trinkoon has a passion for community development, long lasting and inter-generational prosperity, and the facilitation of enterprise opportunities within local communities.

Serving his first term as Councillor for Arkai Community, Cr. Trinkoon brings with him a wealth of knowledge from previous community positions such as Wellbeing Outreach Officer - Mura Buai, Supervisor & Engagement Officer (Dual Role) - My Pathway, Housing Officer - Department of Housing, Animal Management Worker & Enviornmental Health Officer - TSIRC, and service with the Australian Defence Force.

Cr. Trinkoon aspires to have our region developed economically and Council being "a driving force to lay down the foundation", he also advocates for representation of our region at both the State and Federal levels of government, with a focus on "seeing our youth in this region reaching their full potential, and become our emerging leaders of tomorrow". 

Cr. Trinkoon's hobbies are aviation, art, information technology and fishing.


Council Committees:

Cr. Trinkoon is a Member of the Governance & Leadership Committee.


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