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When we want to purchase (procure) goods and / or services, there are several options available.

The main process is through a public tender. We advertise for suppliers and service providers to provide goods and / or services to us.

Each ‘call for tender’ provides details of what goods and / or services we need and how to submit a tender.


Council calls tenders and some quotations through Vendorpanel. It is free for potential suppliers to set up a profile on this platform, to download and submit tenders. 

Please ensure your company is registered with VendorPanel so you have access to Torres Strait Island Regional Council procurement opportunities. 

Register via the VendorPanel Marketplace’ - ‘CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

  • It’s FREE and only takes a couple of minutes
  • Once you have registered you will be able to add colleagues to your company profile.
  • You and your colleagues must be registered to be invited to respond to new projects and opportunities and will then be able to submit quotes and proposals

Please note,  if you are an existing VendorPanel registered Supplier, you still need to register in the Marketplace to get these opportunities. It’s easy and will be linked to your existing profile. In the registration email, ‘CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED’, accept the invitation and sign into your existing account to register.

If you do not have access to a computer, Council has computers available for residents to use at the divisional offices.  

Council does not open tenders publicly, but Council may be required to make documentation and information contained in, or provided in connection with, a tender publicly available, where that documentation or information is required to be disclosed pursuant to a provision of the Local Government Act 2009 or the Local Government Regulation 2012.


Current Tenders

Current tenders can be found here


Closed Tenders

TSIRC 2019-200 - ICCIP Water Lagoon Covers - Boigu, Masig and Warraber

TSIRC 2019-206 - Badu and Erub Water Treatment Plant

TSIRC 2019-207 - Iama Water Main, Kubin Weir Pump Station Upgrade and St Pauls Weir Pump Station (ICCIP Packages 40, 45B and 69B) - Tender Cancelled

TSIRC 2020-323 - Sea Freight Services and Fuel Supply

TSIRC-2020-324 - Ugar Island Desalination Plant

TSIRC 2020-325 - Warraber Island Reservoir Renewal (ICCIP Package 73)

TSIRC 2020-327 - Metal Waste Legacy Stockpile Clean-up - closing 5.00pm, 23 December 2020

TSIRC 2020-330 - ICCIP Badu and Iama Islands Sewage Pump Station Upgrade Project

TSIRC 2020-326 - Social Housing Tenancy Management System

TSIRC 2021-338 - Saibai Fuel Infrastructure Upgrade

TSIRC 2020-331 - Badu, Kubin and St Pauls Wastewater Treatment Lagoons De-Sludging

TSIRC-2023-404 Register of prequalified suppliers for trade services

TSIRC 2023-405 Register of prequalifies suppliers for goods, services, and materials (GS&M)


Awarded Tenders

TSIRC2018-132 Hammond Island Water Main Replacement - awarded to Pensar Project Infrastructure Pty Ltd 

TSIRC2019-151 #27 Erub STP Renewal

TSIRC2019-153 2019 TSIRC DRFA Works - Various Islands

TSIRC2019-154 MIP6 Pkg 2 - Mer STP Upgrade - awarded to Koppens Developments Pty Ltd

TSIRC 2019-203 Construction of Boigu Coastal Defences (Phase 2) - awarded to Koppens Developments Pty Ltd

TSIRC 2019-208 Trade Services - awarded to various suppliers

TSIRC 2019-209 Goods, Services and Materials - awarded to various suppliers

TSIRC 2019-210 Supply of Smart Water Meter Fixed Network

TSIRC 2019-155 Saibai Sewerage Treatment Plant Renewal Site 67 Saibai STP


Click here to view Council's Large Contracts Register.