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LGAQ Award

Posted on: 
Monday, November 5, 2018

Congratulations to our Senior Housing Officer Polly Akiba for completing her Qualification – LGAQ – Diploma Leadership & Management.

Polly commenced employment with TSIRC in 2015 as the Housing Officer for Iama. “On commencement I knew very little about social housing or what TSIRC was all about.” Polly takes on challenges and it was not long before she progressed to the Senior Housing Officer based at Saibai where she oversees the social housing program for Iama, Warraber, Saibai, Boigu & Dauan.

Polly’s favourite saying keeps her going - “I didn’t get my strength from lifting weight. Every time life throws a challenge and it knocks me down, I simply get up and try again”.

A great example of true spirit and dedication!