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An autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council

Priority Area Eight - Local prosperity & enterprise development







The Torres Strait hosts a number of unique industries, including but not limited to commercial fishing, arts and culture. Those industries require investment, resourcing and assistance with development to overcome commercial and social barriers to success. Enabling the establishment and/or growth of industry in the region will be a step towards redressing the social and economic disadvantage of Indigenous Australians.


What are we seeking:

  • Support from all levels of government to stimulate and encourage private sector investment into the Torres Strait region by incentivising sector development in:
    • Renewable energy and emission reduction solutions.
    • Digital development and smart tech pilot programs.
    • Key tourism industry (including arts, culture and education) development.
    • Incentives may include subsidised freight for produce out of the Torres Strait or tax concessions
  • Support deregulation initiatives to foster the introduction of aquaculture and farming opportunities to make it more achievable for Torres Strait Islanders to set up new ventures
  • Commitment to consult and work with Council on proactive economic, social and environmental solutions to meet local aspirations.


At a glance:

Council provides 81.2% of all employment based within local island communities. Retaining existing and developing new skills through Council’s apprenticeship program provides continuing employment opportunities.

82.3% of Council’s workforce is Torres Strait Islander or Aboriginal Torres Strait hosts three Arts Centres: Erub Arts; Badu Art Centre; Moa Arts.

Access to international opportunities for Indigenous businesses is enhanced through inclusive, coordinated and outcomes-focused initiatives (Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade “Promoting the economic interests of Indigenous Australian Businesses Overseas”)



Council is prepared to work in collaboration or consultation with relevant agencies and entities to and an immediate start is achievable, subject to clarification of partnership models.


Why is this important for our communities?

There are many existing industries that exist with the Torres Strait region, such as commercial fishing, arts and culture, however without proper sector investment, resources and development, the many commercial and social barriers encountered when operating within remote and regional areas can become overwhelming.



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