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Larissa Bani

Larissa Bani

Larissa Bani began her career with TSIRC five years ago as a Multi Skilled Administration Officer (MSAO) in Mabuiag. During her time in this role she went above and beyond her duties and was encouraged to apply for the Divisional Managers position.  “David Abednego encouraged me a lot as he believed I was capable of more that I thought”

Larissa acted in the Cluster Divisional Manager role, then as the Executive Officer before finally securing her permanent position as the Cluster Divisional Manager.

Larissa reflects back on who has supported her through her career. “My previous employer Nadine Bent with the Australian Bookkeeping Company taught me how to conduct myself in my role working with a service provider.  She made me want to help others”

“My parents taught me that if I wanted something I shouldn’t expect it on a silver platter and get off my backside to work towards getting it.” “My advice to others is don’t wait for something to come to you - if it does, that’s a bonus - prove to others and yourself that you deserve the best.”  And she quotes the musician Aaliyah “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again”.

Larissa is unafraid to set ambitious goals for her future. “I would like to work in different departments within Council and coach our MSAO’s to step up to the Divisional Managers role. Once I’ve achieved this I can look at moving to Corporate or Community Services. Larissa also dreams to be in Venice in 5 years time.