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An autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council

Cr. David Bosun - Kubin Community

Cr. Bosun draws strength from his strategic thinking and strong visionary mindset, and through being, “honest, trustworthy, culturally orientated, economically driven, passionate about my people, and their wellbeing”.

Councillor David Bosun is an artist and has also worked diving for Crayfish and as a Sports and Recreation Officer with Kubin Council. He holds the role of PBC Chair (Mualgal TSIRNTBC) and has previously held Board and Audit Committee membership with TSRA, and as Treasurer of Ngalmun Minaral Art Centre in Mua. His interests include:

  • researching marketing
  • business management
  • interpersonal / professional development
  • communication.

He also enjoys:

  • traditional dancing
  • rugby league
  • diving
  • playing guitar
  • hunting.

Cr. Bosun is passionate about the health and wellbeing of people living in our communities and believes economic sustainability will improve the health and wealth of our communities and employment and training opportunities will one day see our region become self-reliant and independent from the government.

His biggest goal for the region while in council is to improve regional governance, infrastructure expansion and sustainable economic independence.

Cr Bosun is an internationally renowned artist and the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) Member for Arkai (Kubin).

Cr. Bosun believes, “we must actively and positively work together to deliver strategies and actions that will eliminate constraints for growth in our community and region.”