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An autonomous, prosperous and sustainable community and council


When we want to purchase (procure) goods and / or services, there are several options available.

The main process is through a public tender. We advertise for suppliers and service providers to provide goods and / or services to us.

Each ‘call for tender’ provides details of what goods and / or services we need and how to submit a tender.

Council calls tenders through LG Tenderbox. It is free for potential suppliers to set up a profile on this platform, to download and submit tenders. Please click here to get started with LG Tenderbox

If you do not have access to a computer, Council has computers available for residents to use at the divisional offices.



Current Tenders

No current tenders


Closed Tenders

TSIRC 2019-154 #61 MER STP - Renewal

TSIRC 2019-155 Saibai Sewerage Treatment Plant Renewal Site 67 Saibai STP

TSIRC 2019-200 ICCIP Water Lagoon Covers - Boigu, Masig and Warraber

TSIRC 2019-203 Construction of Boigu Coastal Defences (Phase 2)

TSIRC 2019-206 Badu and Erub Water Treatment Plant

TSIRC 2019-207 Iama Water Main, Kubin Weir Pump Station Upgrade and St Pauls Weir Pump Station (ICCIP Packages 40, 45B and 69B)

TSIRC 2019-208 Trade Services 

TSIRC 2019-209 Goods, Services and Materials

TSIRC 2019-210 Supply of Smart Water Meter Fixed Network


Awarded Tenders

Hammond Water Main

TSIRC2019-151 #27 Erub STP Renewal