Kubin Community at Moa (Banks Island)

Torres Strait Island Regional Council

Kubin Office:

Phone (07) 4083 2400

Division 6

Councillor David Bosun

Kubin Facts:

  • Kubin is a community located on Moa (Banks Island), which has two communities, Kubin and St Pauls, connected by bitumen and a gravel road.
  • It is largely made up of the original Italgal, the Mualgal from north Moa, some of the Kulkalgal of Nagi, and the Kaiwalgal (Kaurareg) people, who were moved to Poid, on the southwestern corner of Moa Island in 1921.


The language of Kubin is Kala Lagaw Ya (Muwalgau/Italgau and Kaiwalgau sub-dialects)


Currently there are approximately 300 to 350 people living in Kubin.


Poid was located on Moa and abandoned after World War II; one group moving back to their Narupai (Horn Island) homeland and the remainder moved southeast to Kubin under the leadership of Wees Nawia. Kubin residents retain their links with the Thursday Island (Waiben), Bamaga and Cowal Creek (Injinoo) communities and with their help have established a number of business enterprises.